It’s likely that you won’t be surprised that cyber security experts will need to step up their game in 2024. Last year’s events have shown us that education is key and that vigilance is essential.

While we learned a lot in 2022, we also had new issues to deal with. Remote work caused 88% of businesses to feel that they are facing “challenges to effective cyber security measures for remote workers,” while 20% of organizations were dealing with remote work as one of their biggest risks.

Gartner predicts that cyber security spending will hit $215 billion in the coming year, an increase of almost 15% from 2023.

Cloud security, generative AI, and increasingly strict regulations are likely to be leading causes of the additional spending. The good news is that they also predict that over the next two years, we could see up to 75% of the world’s population covered by these new regulations.

There’s a lot to be prepared for in 2024, so let’s get into the top cyber security trends of 2024 that we need to watch out for.